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Sheepish Story

Playing host to a charming trio of sheep on a mini adventure

Ewe never know who’s coming to stay …

Guests greeted these cheeky sheep at the weekend helping themselves to apples and making themselves very much at home in the grounds and the cottage gardens. Of course, our cottage guests are no strangers to finding animals in their gardens but usually it’s the friendly posse of chickens or the cats expecting fuss and treats.

During the last week or so, we’ve been honing our shepherding skills with frequent escapees from local farms, but these sheep were very charming and a lot less skittish than the normal variety. The black and white ones are Suffolk Cross and the other ewe with the wonderful colouring is a Jacob.  We did a bit of investigation into who might own this trio but came up with no answers, so we decided the simplest action was to herd them into the field opposite us.

Bizarre yet true, but our cats actually worked like sheep dogs rounding them up, honestly, it was hilarious! Happy to say that they’re now enjoying the hospitality of the field next door and making new friends with the fleecy flock there.  Locally there have been a lot of livestock movements and perhaps some of the new pastures are not so secure or maybe these sheep just love apple scrumping?  Ewe never know!

Ironically, the grounds in front of the cottages that are now used as the BBQ and play areas were formerly used for holding sheep and other livestock, and originally the cottages themselves were built as cattle and feed stores in the 18th century.  We’re lucky to have an old photo that shows how the buildings used to be when Trenannick was a working farm, and we think that this old picture must have been taken about 40 years ago.

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