Environmental Policy


Mission Statement

Trenannick Farm Cottages comprises five 18th century converted barn self-catering holiday cottages accommodating 24 guests. Proud to hold a coveted Gold Award from Green Tourism (2021-2024) and we are rated 4* by our letting agent Helpful Holidays (part of the Sykes group). We are devoted to the protection and growth of the natural environment and proactively manage the environmental impacts in the course of running our business. We will meet any relevant regulatory requirements to ensure that both our guests and our suppliers can be confident that they are supporting a business this contributes positively to Cornwall’s environment.

Moreover, we are committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impacts. We work in partnership with others to both promote and educate those around us and to encourage good practice.

We comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and where possible go above and beyond to improve our ability to contribute to environmental growth and circular economies within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Julie Green – Business Partner, is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is implemented. However, all employees, guests and suppliers each have their role to play. This Sustainability Policy outlines our individual and shared responsibilities to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

This Sustainability Policy commits us to:

  • Regular assessment of our areas of environmental impacts which includes consideration for future environmental issues
  • Audit our compliance with legislation and investigate any environmental incidents in order to prevent reoccurrence
  • Consider the impact of tourism on the ecology of our landscape and native species
  • Reduce water and energy usage
  • Reduce waste and recycle more
  • Source products and services from local suppliers to support the local economy
  • Aim to work with the most ethical suppliers to promote environmental sustainability
  • When new products are purchased then their efficiency/energy consumption will be factored into any decision made
  • Promote a positive environmental culture

We will identify and protect wildlife (in particular species by European and UK legislation) on our estate through the consultation of experts where necessary. We will work to increase the abundance of pollinators by enhancing the habitat that they rely on and we will encourage our neighbours and guests to do the same. We will provide proven habitat improvements for the benefit of native species on the estate and where possible reduce noise and light pollution created due to our on-site activities.

Where pest control is needed, we will endeavour to use physical repellents and barriers to prevent access. Where this is not possible, we will seek independent advice and use poisons/kill traps that have the smallest/no known impact on non-target species. Where the use of herbicides and fungicides are required, we will limit their application as much as possible, and take all appropriate safety measures.
Circular Economy
Where possible we will re-use materials on site before we consider using new. We will reduce the use of non-recyclable or hazardous materials in our activities.
We will use our website, social media channels and guest information guides to engage with, educate and inform our guests about the work that we do to contribute to Cornwall’s environmental growth, and how our guests can complement this. We will also use these channels to inform guests about how important Cornwall’s natural environment is to business and to the people living and operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Strategy and Performance
We will review and update environmental objectives and targets on a regular basis. We will be prepared to meet any future legislative requirements in the tourism sector by future-proofing our activities and remaining as resource-efficient and responsible as possible. We will meet any relevant regulatory requirements so that guests and suppliers can be confident that they are supporting a business that is contributing positively to Cornwall’s environment.
Last Reviewed: 7th January 2024.