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Trenannick is a destination. A haven where you can do everything or do nothing yet be at peace and feel content – a place where you set the pace

DRECKLY: definition ‘an unspecified time in the future’ … those familiar with Cornwall will have heard this expression.

Time dominates all of our lives. A necessary evil but arguably we have reached tipping point where we’re more often than not, totally controlled by it.

The fact is we find that we have no time or not enough time to even plan some time to do what we would like or need. Ring any bells/alarm bells?

I’m no stranger to articles about quality time, features about creating family time, and topics about the ideals of planning your time. The truth is we’ve been hoisted by our own petard in driving ourselves to create and manage time so much (and the quicker the better so we are led to believe).

Think about work commitments, family needs, shift patterns, super-market check-outs, timeslots, healing, and dare I say it, pay day. Life gurus tell us to remember that you can’t take back time and adopt mindfulness – to be present in the now. Wise words perhaps, but if only we could just find the time! A concept that has evolved because we’re all too darn busy making lists of all the things that we convince ourselves that we need to do.

We even judge success by limited travelling time, being sucked into ‘short haul’, ‘just a hop across the Channel’ – all designed to lure us into the belief that we’d be actually saving time. A bizarre concept because in reality, it’s rarely the case. My late Nan was a wonderful lady with pearls of wisdom that have stayed with me throughout my life. She’d say, ‘you can’t take back time so make the most of it’, but best of all ‘don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what can be done today’. Ironically, in stark contrast to ‘dreckly’…

Where am I going with all this? Trenannick Time is a reality. Trenannick is a destination, a haven where you can do everything, or do nothing yet be at peace and feel content – a place where pace – is a luxury.

No schedule
No noise
No life laundry
– where time is not of the essence – it is the essence.

We live in tough times. Let Trenannick be an antidote. We had a GP and his family as guests in of the cottages last year, he told us that he’d like to put ‘Trenannick on prescription’. Says it all really.

Our 18th century converted holiday cottages are available all year round for couples and for families. The cottages have all your creature comforts and are often described as ‘a home from home’. With 3 acres of beautiful grounds, it is a natural place to have time to unwind and offers a safe place for the kids to play.

We are away from it all yet close to everything. Just a few minutes access to the Atlantic Highway it means that you can very easily spend time at Tintagel, Bude, Padstow and all the natural attractions here in North Cornwall.

Each season brings with it new flavours but the Trenannick therapy is always here. Spring is bursting with colour and birdsong, summer oozes alfresco fun and sunshine beaches, the autumn offers stunning landscapes, windswept coastal walks, and crowd-free attractions. Whilst winter brings a special intimacy with a cosy log fire, hearty meals, fire pits and special Christmas sparkle.







It’s time to book YOUR Trenannick time.

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