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Fun and Freedom in Feeding the Family on Holiday

Eating out is a treat but usually comes at a cost for families. With a bit of planning and creativity there is fun and economy in feeding the family at Trenannick

Spice Up Your Holiday with Cottage Culinary Delights for All the Family

Cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen might sound like a bit of a challenge but it can be a fun opportunity to throw together some fun and fuss-free family meals.

You want the kids to eat more healthy food? You have picky eaters? Perhaps you have family members with allergies or diabetes? All these factors need not be a problem if you choose to prepare meals yourself.

Eating out in Cornwall is of course a joy! After all, we are spoilt for choice for restaurants and cafes where we can enjoy fresh fish and seasonal local produce and it’s always a real treat. But, with food prices higher than we’re all used to then cooking meals for your family can be far more cost effective than eating out every day.

If like me you’ve come to depend on an air fryer, then why not bring yours on holiday? Lots of guests last year packed their trusty Ninja! Less cooking time = more time to relax.

Our guest feedback often mentions that our cottages have everything that you need and that they’re really well equipped, but if there’s one piece of equipment that you particularly enjoy using then feel free to bring it along. We’ve heard from some guests that have brought their own specialty coffee maker, others have brought their own food processor. In fact we have a regular guest who bakes scrumptious cakes – we know because she generously plies us with lots of sweet creations! Deliciously perfect with a pot of tea relaxing on a sunny afternoon or enjoyed snuggled up in front of the log burner. Hey, there’s always time for cake.

It’s a Family Affair
After all you can spend time together to plan and create meals. It needn’t be complicated. On balance preparing a picnic for the beach is simple and something that you and the kids will love. Just bring a cool-box and you’re good to go for a great day out!

Book a Supermarket Delivery Slot & Visit Local Farm Shops
I detest supermarkets but they’re a necessary evil … consider booking a timed delivery for the usual basics from your ‘favourite’ supermarket to save you spending your holiday in the aisles.

Seek out our local farm shops for inspirational fresh local produce. Strawberry Fields Farm Shop near Launceston which is basically on your way here and the farm fresh veg is big, beautiful and bountiful! There is a salivating range of prepared pies, puddings and pastries too.  If you want to perk up your picnics then there are oodles of delicious chutneys and jams to choose from.

At Launceston just off the A30 on very much on your way here why not check out Phillip Warren Butchers  This is a gem of a butchers and deli with top quality meats and goodies. Good to know: their sausages are simply mouth-watering and when you spot Philip Warren steak on any menu, then you can be assured it will be excellent!

Within easy reach of Trenannick, you will find Cornish produce at a number of local farm shops. We particularly love, and where you can buy from their wild herb meat butchery (stunning views coastal views).

A shout out to our local shop Wainhouse Country Stores and Post Office.  They sell practically everything and its just 5 minutes away. This little shop has a limited deli with Cornish produce like pates, ham and cheese and specialty breads. In fact, they have anything that you may randomly need! Psst they have hot pasties in the oven every morning too which are excellent!

Everybody loves a BBQ

What could be better than sizzling skewers on the barbeque? Even if you keep it super simple then burgers and bangers with a bucket of crisp salad plus a tub of Cornish ice-cream – must be the all-round family meal pleaser.

Tip: there’s a big freezer in the games room for storing bulky food which is really handy.

The shared grounds have two brick built barbeques and plenty of tables and benches available close to the children’s swings and play area so you can keep a relaxed eye on the family. Alternatively, you might prefer an alfresco family feast in your private cottage garden. Then perhaps seat yourselves around the fire pit for yummy toasted mallows. Top tip: use the coals from the BBQ to light the fire pit!

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